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Alternative Price Arrangements

Many of our clients demand greater predictability and control over their legal costs. The hourly billing structure employed by most traditional law firms does not serve these interests because there is no way to predict how long a project will take nor is there any way to control the number of hours that can be billed to the project. In fact, hourly billing misaligns the interests of the law firm and its clients because it incentives law firms to bill hours and rewards inefficiencies. As such, hourly billing often creates a gap between the cost of the legal services and the value that is ultimately delivered.

We recognize that price structures other than hourly billing are a better means of aligning our interests with those of our clients and of matching the cost of our services with the value we strive to deliver. We therefore offer our clients a wide variety of alternative pricing options including:

Fixed-price arrangements: A set payment for a project or series of over the life of a project.

Full contingency-price arrangements: No payments unless a success is achieved.

Hybrid price arrangements: A set payment combined with a contingency payment based on an agreed upon benchmark.

Unlimited access engagements: For a fixed price and for a fixed term, unlimited phone support, e-mail communications, and in-person visits to discuss new or pending legal matters.

We also work with clients to develop a customized a price structure that best suits their needs.

We are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding client service. Thus, we are willing to be judged based on our performance and not by the number of hours we bill. If you want hours, then you should hire a traditional law firm. If you want innovation, value, and results, then you should hire HLG.